Gamedev Sunday #1 Update!

Gamedev Sundays is a series I'm starting, where I do gamedev on my own project on sunday, if you couldn't guess :) 

Some minor changes to the game, added a global singleton to hold the data used in the game so the game saves data between playthroughts. The game also now has a currency system which spawns coins in the game so the player has something else to do while playing the game. 

Full Change Log:

  • Added global system
  • Added game currency
  • Added currency spawner
  • Added save / loading
  • Fixed crushers not quite meeting eachother on the horizontal crushers
  • Fixed crushers triggers not been disabled correctly when returning to the starting position
  • Fixed player trigger circle to be acurate to the players orb size
  • Started player shop, not yet avalible in the builds...

Thats it for this Gamedev Sunday....... See you next Sunday.......

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Dec 01, 2019
Android-Crushing-Dev-011219@2114.apk 16 MB
Dec 01, 2019

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