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So it has been a while since I last worked on this game, but as of today I am getting back on it,  there are going to some changes to the objectives for the game. Firslty I have removed all money from the game, as it feels a little cheap and while a good addition to the gameplay, feels unneccesary, instead I plan to focus on added enemies that spawn into the game can cause choas by slowing you down and messing with your controls. 

On the point of controls, the game is going to focus mostly on its mibile version, there will be a PC/Web version as well but the game is going to be focused on mobile for the most part. this is purely due to the controls moving from touch  and move to a gyroscope instead, with the player tilting their device to move around the scene and dodge, this will make the game a lot harder to play as well as more engaging. 

I have spent the time re-factoring all of my code and done a lot of clearing up and plan to have fresh artwork and eventually sound for the next build. With any luck this build will be out near the end of the week or the following week, This is going to be my main game focus for the next month or so until I release it in July both on here and on the google play store xD

That is all for now, I will try and make this devlog, well..... more of a devlog with more or less daily updates on what is going on with the game.

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