Break an egg is a quick fire typing game where you must type egg puns or egg related words to break the egg before the time runs out, each mistake will cost you some time and you have less time after each successfully broken egg to break the next one. How many eggs can you break?

The controls for the game are super simple, once you've pressed play you just have to type the letter prompted to you, if you get it correct the prompt will turn green and show the next key, if you get it wrong it will display red and buzz at you. This will also reduce the amount of time you have to complete the word. When you have completed to word you are typing the egg with break and a new egg will spawn with a new word to type, simply repeat and see how long you can last.

Crack 1 by JustInvoke
Fruit Crack by Clearwavsound
Buzzer_Boardgame_01 by Magedu
Buzzer by pgonsilva
Click_1 by JonnyRuss01


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Got to 42 :) Think eggstravagant is my new least favourite word as it nearly caught me out so many times ahaha.
So highly polished and impressive how it all smoothly gels together

For me it was Eggstavaganza xD, such a hard word to type quickyl xD

That one has a special place in hell too ahahaha