C.W.I.S is getting an update!

So, it has been a while since this game got any attention. one of the things I wanted to do from the completion of the jam version was to release it on mobile! So that is what were plan to do. Now we have legit only just started working on the project again and it is early days but we plan to improve the features we had in the jam game and add new weapons and controls in this new version, below are a few of the additions/fixed we plan to make:


We plan to add a 5-inch gun, which can be seen at the bow of the new ship model. This gun has a slow rate of fire, but has a fast projectile and can be used to smash open supply crates that pass by as well as possibly attack long range missiles & ships.

Controllable Missiles

In the jam version you could only shoot missiles with no targeting, in the update we plan to make it so you can select a direction to shoot it and with a snapping targeting system, aim the missile at the target you wish to shoot it at. These missiles will also come out from both the bow and stern of the ship.


The chaft was a little underused in the jam version, we plan to improve the defensive ability it provides as well as improving the look of the particle effect it displays when firing. 

Enemy Ships

To add to the danger a little we are thinking of adding enemy ships that will attack you at both close and long range. taking these out will be hard but add a sense of where all these darn missiles are coming from xD.

That is just some of the new changes we are planning to make, keep checking back on this devlog or our social media to see progress as it develops!

~ J

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