A downloadable demo for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Summary header

Techno Baron is a vertical slice which demonstrates a fragment of core gameplay. This demo consists of what would be one of the final boss fights in the game and is an early prototype so bugs are to be expected. 

Controls Header

MovementASWDLeft Joystick
Select TargetMouse Hover over target
Right Joystick over target
Shoot TargetsLeft Mouse ButtonButton A
Deselect TargetsRight Mouse ButtonButton B

The Team Header

Team MemberRole(s)
Matthew CorbenTeam leader & Programmer
Jonathan CarterProgrammer
Kyle CornwellDesign & Art
Jack SelfDesign & Art
Edward GoodhewDesign & Art
Heidi PierceArt

Credits Header

Game Music: Return of the Secret Agent - Odd Chap (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjs2lRANAGU)


Techno Baron PC 32 MB
Techno Baron Mac 51 MB
Techno Baron Linux 36 MB

Install instructions

Extract all files in the downloaded .zip file and run the executable file.

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