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Transform colours is a simple custom inspector that changes the default transform component and gives it a bit of colour.

All this extension does is change the background colours of the X,Y,Z in the inspector to match the colours used throughout the unity editor. This is purely a for fun asset that can make you editor look a little more interesting xD

Note: the version on this itch.io page may not be the most upto date version, for the latest version, download the asset from the Unity Asset Store, a link to it can be found in the downloads section.

Documentation | Discord

Future Plans
Currently this asset only edits the standard transform inspector, I do plan to make a version for the rect transform component in the future. At the moment that is the only planned update for this asset except for bug fixes.

Need Help?
If you get stuck or have problems, feel free to contact me via my support email:

Install instructions

Follow the download link to get the asset from the Unity Asset store! or import the package into your project and follow the documentation to set the asset up in your project.


Transform-Colours-1.1.4.unitypackage 3 kB
Unity Asset Store Link

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