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Project Status!

This project is currently on hold until further notice. I will likely get around to working on this in the future but I'm currently holding off on it until I feel I have the time to complete it.


Project Tilly follows a week in the life of Isabelle, a student living alone in a small studio flat. Experience her struggle as she tries to go from day to day, suffering from several mental health issues such as anxiety, loneliness & depression. 

Each day will bring its own challenges and hardships, all of which are based on personal experiences from the developer. The overal aim of the game is to raise awareness of mental health issues and give a medium where all can see how it feels without having to suffer from them personally. 

Planned features include:

  • 7 Days of story: each day being its own chapter with at-least 3 parts to each chapter. 
  • Story-rich, with dialogue, thoughts, a journal, flash-backs and more, discover Isabelle's story and how she copes with day to day life. 
  • Base on real life events. Elements of the story & environment are based on real event the developer has faced in the past. So the experience is personal and unique. 

Game State & Plans

The game is still in early development, with an aim to finish atleast the first day of 7 in the game and then based on the interest the game is getting, go from there. The full game would be a price between £10-20 at full release, though this will be confirmed nearer the release if the games gets the far. Should you wish to support us now, you may do so via the donate button on this page when you download one of the project builds or by buying us a cuppa here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/cartergames. Any help is appreciated. 

⚠️ Game Name Note⚠️

Project Tilly is a codename for a work in progress game aimed at expressing mental health issues that plauge our everyday lives. The name of the game is to be confirmed so the project is currently called Project Tilly until we come up with a name for the game we like. It also adds a little mystery which is always fun. 

Found A Bug

The build you have downloaded is a development build, there are bound to be some bugs we haven't catched. If you find any please do report them to use via our bug report form: https://carter.games/report

Join the community!

Interested in seeing more? or want to get sneak peaks into the development of the game. We aim to have at-least 1 build a month, but we post screenshots & updates on more or less a weekly basis. 

Website: http://carter.games

Discord: https://carter.games/discord

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarterGamesUK


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