Welcome to C.W.I.S

Welcome all the C.W.I.S, A tactical shooter where you controls the weapons systems of a naval destroyer that was constantly under missile attack. Today is the official launch of the game's page on itch.io!  

This game has a video devlog to go along with it where I talk about progress made on the project, future plans & discuss feedback and suggestions from the community. The first of which can be seen on this post. I'm always open to suggestions and idea to make the game better so do let your voice be heard & follow/subscribe to keep upotpdate with the games development. 


C.W.I.S (PC) (Game Jam Build) 29 MB
Apr 21, 2022
C.W.I.S (MAC) (Game Jam Build) 33 MB
Apr 21, 2022
C.W.I.S (LINUX) (Game Jam Build) 36 MB
Apr 21, 2022

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