Leaderboards & Build? | C.W.I.S Game Devlog #5

When you make a build of your game and this happens.....A dev's worst nightmare.... well mine atleast... the dreaded NullReferenceException!!!!!

The next devlog for C.W.I.S is here!

Read more below!

Welcome back to C.W.I.S, now with leaderboard, scoring & less bugs... well possibly the same amount of bugs, just in different places xD

What's New!

  • A new blur panel setup to better forcus the user on the foreground elements.
  • A working reload system for the main gun & missile launchers!
  • An improved upgrades panel setup, with upgrade costs & lockable upgrades.
  • A scoring system & local leaderboard using the Carter Games Leaderboard Manager asset, with a few adjustments.
  • Early build mostly working minus a few bugs, aiming for public build by September xD

The Video

Admititably not a good at some of the others this time around, but I'm still new to this whole YT thing, so hopefully I'll get it right next month xD

None the less here is it!


🎮 Handy Links 🎮 
Game itch Page 👉 https://carter-games.itch.io/cwis
Game Gamejolt Page 👉 https://gamejolt.com/games/cwis/714245
Original Jam Game 👉 https://carter-games.itch.io/cwisss9

📘 Devlog Playlist 📘
See other videos on the development of C.W.I.S here:

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