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Notice Section Title

This project was my university final major project, it was a long and hard project that is bound to have bugs and flaws that I did not spot when I made it. So be considerate, though comments and critism is welcome in the comments as long as it remains friendly.

Summary Section Title

The aim of this project is to produce a custom arcade cabinet of my own and create a software product consisting of 2-3 game titles to go along with it, with the option to add more in the future. The games are made with the main intention of being played on the cabient firstly, porting to PC (keyboard) & gamepads will work but is not the initial intention for the project.

The Games Section Title

These games were made with the intention of been playable on the custom arcade machine made for this project, hence they are all 2-player for the most part.

Ultimate Pinball  |  2-Player  |  Versus

Play against each other in this two player pinball machine. Play through a variety of win conditions and try to get the highest score possible!

Operation: Starshine  |  2-Player  |  Co-op

Play together in this two player mini-campaign to free a star from captivity. With 5 ships to choose from each with their own stats and abilities, defeat waves of drones and AI enemies, ultimately defeating the final boss!

Quacking Time  |  2-Player  |  Versus

Play against eachother in this improved version of the game jam title under the same title. Collect as many points as you can before the round ends!

FAQ Section Title

When is this project going to be released?

June 3rd - If all goes to plan I will release the submitted project to this page and will likely have some hotfixs on release day or near abouts, after which patches and new games may come out preiodically as I juggle life and other projects at the same time. 

Downloads for the project are below with whatever version was the final build to be submitted to the assignment.


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Micro Arcade PC Build (1.0.3) 63 MB
Micro Arcade Mac Build (1.0.3) 64 MB
Micro Arcade Linux Build (1.0.3) 68 MB

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