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The Audio Manager package is designed, like all of our free assets, to be user friendly and easy to use. Once installed into your project, you may call for sounds to be played pretty much anywhere you want. With options to control the location, volume, pitch, time and delay and more when calling for a sound to play.

The asset is focused on code based audio playing, where you provided the calls and parameters in your codebase to have the audio play. If you are looking for a inspector focused asset for this functionality, this asset is not for you.

This asset contains 2 music tracks, both of these track are our own works from a while ago and are provided for example purposes ONLY. If you wish to licence these tracks, which we will for free with attribution under a CC licence, please get in touch with us. 

🌟 Important Links 🌟

Docs | Discord | Report Issues | Email: hello@carter.games

How to Install

  • Import the package into your project.
  • Create an empty gameobject and add the Audio Manager script to it.
  • Press the enable static instance button if you wish to use a static version of the manager.
  • Assign the audio prefab provided with the asset into the audio prefab field in the Audio Manager inspector.
  • Set the directories to use and press continue, the asset will find any audio in the direcotires defined.
  • The asset is now ready to use.
  • Now just call the audio manager to play your sounds.

If you need more information on how to proceed, please consult the documentation setup section.

🐞 Managed to find a bug? Have a problem with our asset? 🐞

If you are having any issues with our assets, please do let us know via our Discord or Email. We can't fix or add things to our asset if we don't know what is wrong with it. Please do not use the reviews section to report bugs or request features as we can't directly communicate with you to resolve the issue through this channel.

✔️Custom Inspectors for all scripts.


✔️Several methods for playing sound.

✔️Automatically adds audio files, no need to do it yourself.

✔️Script to play audio anywhere on a single method call.

✔️Script to play background music in your game and transition between tracks with ease.

✔️Regularly updated and maintained with ❤️

The asset support the same audio file types as unity, as long as the audio registers as an AudioClip, it wil work twith the asset. See the officially suported types here.


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