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Audio Manager is a script based asset that is designned to help users play audio in games with little to no code needed. This page links to the asset store page for this asset where you can download it. Alternatively you can download the package directly on itch.io. However this version may not be the latest release of the asset.

This audio manager package comes as a complete package, doing all the ground work while allowing users to add extra ways of playing sound if they wish.

The base script allows users to play any audio clip as it is, with a time delay and at a specific point as well as options to adjust volume & pitch.

Key Features:
* Custom Inspector *
* Expandable *
* Several methods for playing sound *
* Automatic add audio files at one button push *
* Reguraly updated and maintained *

How to Install:
- Import the package into your project
- Place the contents of "editor", "prefabs", "resources" & "scrips" into your own folders in the root assets directory (This is only needed for the editor folder really, but it will help keep the project clean).
- Create an empty gameobject and add the Audio Manager script to it.
- Create a referance to the script in your code and call the function you need!

Having troubles? feel free to email me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can:
My Email: hello@carter.games

Install instructions

Follow the download link to get the asset from the Unity Asset store! or import the package into your project and follow the documentation to set the asset up in your project.


Audio Manager Unity Package 102 kB
Unity Asset Store Link

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