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🔴 Summary

The Audio Manager package is designed, like all of our free assets, to be user friendly and easy to use. Once installed into your project, you may call for sounds to be played pretty much anywhere you want. With options to control the location, volume, pitch, time and delay and more when calling for a sound to play.

The asset is focused on code based audio playing, where you provided the calls and parameters in your codebase to have the audio play. If you are looking for a inspector focused asset for this functionality, this asset is not for you.

❤️ Features

  • Custom Inspectors for all scripts.
  • Expandable.
  • Several methods for playing sound.
  • Automatically adds audio files, no need to do it yourself.
  • Script to play audio anywhere on a single method call.
  • Script to play background music in your game and transition between tracks with ease.
  • Regularly updated and maintained with ❤️


To import the .unitypackage into your project just double click it with your project open or use the import custom package option in Unity under

Right click in Project Tab → Import Package → Custom Package

Extension packages can be installed by simply double clicking the package file for the relevant extensions. Note that extensions may have dependencies. 

🔺 Updating to a newer version

If you are updating the asset from an older version it is best to delete the asset folder & do a clean install for the least amount of friction with the new version. If the update is just a patch you should be good to just import on top of the old files, but consider a clean install if the asset doesn’t work as intended or throws an unknown error.

If you need more information on how to proceed, please consult the documentation setup section.

📰 Documentation

You can access a online of the documentation here: Online Documentation. A offline copy if provided with the package if needed.

☕ Support The Dev

I don’t normally ask for support or anything as I use these projects to experiment & to improve my coding in live projects. But all my assets take a lot of my time to develop & maintain throughout the years & I do all this for free in my spare time. So if you find that one or many of my assets useful, please do consider supporting me by buying me a virtual cuppa via the link below:

Carter Games is creating video games & developer tools


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