Quality Of Life & End Of Life (2.6.0)

A major update to asset to give it some quality of life changes as it approach's its end of life for version 2.x. Version 3.x is well into development and will replace the 2.x line when complete. This version will still be supported for 3 years after 3.x is released to support older projects that may be mid way through development with the asset due to its high uptake.

🗓️ Release Date: October 26th, 2022

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Added a settings window to the asset like with the latest developments from Carter Games.
    • Base scan path is now a selectable popup to avoid typo’s
    • Removed the old global settings editor window.
      • When changing the directory, if an old directory in a audio manager file that is in use is no longer under the base scan path, it’ll be removed with a warning if logs are enabled for the asset.
    • Logs can now be toggled in the settings window instead of a scripting define.
  • Updated the folder structure to the new standards Carter Games assets will be following.
  • Added assembly definitions to the asset.
  • Updated all inspectors will a fresh cleaner look & some additional functionality:
    • All
      • Added scripts field back into the inspector view.
    • Audio Player
      • You can now set a range for volume & pitch to choose from in the inspector instead of just a set value.
      • Dropdowns have been corrected to be properly aligned.
      • Clips can now removed from the drop down line.
    • Music Player
      • All references are now from the properties instead of an alternative.
    • Audio Manager
      • Added button to create a audio manager file if one doesn’t exist in the inspector instead of trying to do it automatically.
      • Added selection popup for directories to avoid typo’s
      • Added drop downs in place of the old toggle buttons.
    • Audio Manager File
      • Added selection popup for directories to avoid typo’s
      • Removed help box hints to clear up the UI
      • Disabled the GUI for the “isPopulated” bool as the user should not touch this setting.
  • Added logs class as seen in other assets.
  • Added AtLocation play methods back in for convivence.
  • Added scripting define transfer so when enabled and switching build platform the static instance setting persists and doesn’t need to be enabled again.
  • Updated documentation to split scripting into its own section for ease of navigation.


Audio Manager 2.6.0.unitypackage
Oct 28, 2022

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